International Trends Institute

Unique and profound insight into what makes remarkable brands.
Brand development and marketing communications.
Keith Brown BA (Hons.), B Ed, MBA. Leadership Development, Forging Strategy and Top Team Effectiveness.

Stratagem Training Services

Stratagem have significant qualifications and experience in business and operations training from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Better Business Forum

Better Business Forum provides a confidential platform where members can share frustrations, challenges, learn from others, identify and participate in new ventures and dispel loneliness. An environment where members look forward to meetings, enjoy active participation and leave the forum feeling exhilarated and hopeful.

Web-based Business Tools

Web-based business software development and consulting, responsive web design, internet sales and marketing tools. Webdoor covers a full range of web-based consultancy and development services. In operation since 2000.

Saskia Wustefeld

To inspire and develop people, teams, and organisations to be best in action, results and impact, – inside and outside – and to flourish into the future. She has worked on design and delivery of processes, strategy and team workshops, skills programmes, and speaker engagements including radio and television.